TR Capital Management team provides liquidity to creditors involved in various Bankruptcy cases.


TR Capital Management Team will provide you with immediate relief associated with your bankruptcy claim.

The bankruptcy process is stressful, fraught with uncertainty as well as time-consuming. All of this combined distracts from focusing on what really matters. Let TR Capital review your case and rid yourself of the overbearing bankruptcy process.

How does it work?

how it works

The Process Is
Straight Forward

You will be sent a three-page sale agreement which identifies the claim, price, bankruptcy case, and the terms and conditions of the sale to review, sign, and return. At the same time, you will also be sent an Evidence of Transfer document to sign and return for us to file with the court. If necessary, we will ask you to send us your invoices supporting the amount of your claim for review.

Upon receipt of the requested documents, TRCM will perform the appropriate due diligence of supporting documentation of the claim and the signed documents. Once a satisfactory review is complete, the agreement is countersigned, the wire payment is submitted for payment to you, and the Evidence of Transfer is filed with the appropriate bankruptcy court.

successfully processed over
bankruptcy claims

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